You want to be a model (like so much!).
But you’re not even sure where to start.

We totally understand where you’re at.

Trying to break into the modelling industry can be very overwhelming

Where do I begin?
What do I need to do?

I think I could be a great model. I’m confident, I think I have a great body and my friends tell me I should model.

I’ve done a bit of Googling, but I really don’t know what to do next. 

How do I break into the industry?

“I wish I knew a model agent so they could just tell me what to do!”

You know how sometimes you’d go to your mum, or your best friend and ask for advice on something? Whether it’s something about school, or a new relationship – and the best advice always comes from someone who’s already been through what you’re going through?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with someone for a couple of hours and just get them to tell you EVERYTHING about the modelling industry.

That’s exactly what I did. I sat down with a model agent and got her to tell me everything about being in the modelling industry.

Turns out the Model Agent is my mother!

My mum has been a Model Agent for 20 years – and I’ve been behind the scenes of her agency the entire time.

Anytime someone finds out that my mum is a Model Agent, the first thing they do is take out a phone and show them a picture of their daughter/son/niece/friend and ask them how they should get into the industry.

They ask “do you think she is good enough to be a model?”

The answer is always the same:
“It takes a lot more than a pretty face to be a model”

What do you mean? I thought you just had to be good looking to be a model?

Sure, you need to be attractive to be a model – but that’s not the only thing an agent is looking for when they go to sign you. There are so many other things you need to know – and it’s got nothing to do with posing or having thousands of Instagram followers.

What if you knew EXACTLY how to impress an agent?

As a rule, Model Agents don’t have a lot of time.

So it’s highly unlikely that you will ever get to sit down with a Model Agent for a few hours and get them to tell you everything about the industry.

Lucky for you, I have been behind the scenes of my mum’s Model Agency for nearly two decades and can tell you EXACTLY what she wants and EXACTLY what she doesn’t want.

You will never find this kind of information on YouTube, or anywhere on the internet.

Imagine if you had a friend who’s mum was a Model Agent. You could ask your friend anything about the industry and she’d know. She would know all the right things to do and all the wrong things to do. She could give you so much GOLD information that NO ONE ELSE could ever tell you.

Well, I’m that friend.

I’m going to teach you how to apply to any Model Agent

How? With exclusive access to on online course.
It’s called, The Model Course.

If you don’t know where to even start when applying to a model agent, The Model Course is perfect for you.

So how does it work?

Easy! You enrol by clicking the button below and you will get instant access to the course!

The course can be completed in one day. All you have to do is watch each video and learn everything you need to know about getting signed to any model agency.

Each video is no longer than 5 minutes and you can watch them in whatever order you would like.

  • It was really cool, fun to watch too. Thanks for putting this together...really helps people like me understand how to present myself better and get a good understanding of how the modelling world really works. It was just a day out of my life to watch this and now I know so much more!

    Simone J.
    Simone J. Sydney, Australia
  • I paid $300 for a cheap photographer and I've been using those images to apply to agencies. Now I know that it's probably doing me more harm than good and I could have saved myself the money! I'm grateful for finding this out NOW...all I need to do is take normal photos at home - who knew!

    Jeremy L.
    Jeremy L. Sydney, Australia

Check out what the members area looks like

Access nearly 50 videos instantly! Every video is just about teaching you how to apply to agent so you get noticed.

  • I've always thought that if you had to pay for photos at an agency then you were being I understand that it's not always true! It was really helpful to be told exactly why I had to pay for photos when I got signed...I never knew that stuff...also learning how to spot dodgy companies was a MASSIVE help for me.

    Bianca K.
    Bianca K. Melbourne, Australia
  • I'm a shorter Asian girl so I've always had trouble trying to apply to I know that I've just been applying to the wrong ones! I can't believe I never thought about applying to a Commercial agency before - well actually I didn't even know they existed! Thanks for the info, I'm so glad I did this course.

    Ying L.
    Ying L. Singapore

I’ll teach you about the right photos to send – as well as give you a good understanding the top things that all agents are looking for (and it’s not just about looks).

Unless you know someone in the industry, it can be hard to get really accurate information on exactly what it takes to successfully apply to an agent.

It’s really quite simple, but you do need to know exactly what to do. In just a few hours I’m going to walk you through exactly how to apply to an agent to give you the best chance of getting signed on the spot!

By enrolling in The Model Course, you’re going to get instant access to never-before-seen videos about how to get the attention of any Model Agent.

Instant Access to over 4 hours of video content.

“I got three interviews with model agents in one week!”

Chantelle B. – Australia

  • I really like how honest these videos are, as well as being really entertaining! So many videos are boring to watch but I can see that you've made the effort to make everything funny which makes the course very easy to watch. I've learned a lot in such a short time...

    Katherine M.
    Katherine M. Sydney, Australia
  • I've already applied to a few agencies and never heard I know that it's probably because of my photos! I really just thought they would be able to tell if I could be a model just by sending in any photo - now I know this is not the case... I will be taking new photos and re-applying to every agency...thankyou so much!

    Sammy T.
    Sammy T. Brisbane, Australia

Do NOT get professional photographs!

You don’t need to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) on photographs – we’ll teach you how to take the best photograph at home!

The only photo you need to apply to an agent is what’s known as a “polaroid” – which basically means a raw, natural photograph so the agent can see what you actually look like!

If you go and get cheap amateur photography, it can actually ruin your chances of success! All you need is a good camera and a few photography tips – and we’ll teach you how to do all of it from home!

Want to know what’s in the course?

Everything you could possibly need to know to learn how to apply to a model agent.



A. Both! The content in this course is relevant for both guys and girls – and our ‘how to pose’ and ‘what to wear’ videos contain images and examples for both men and women.


A. The information and advice in The Model Course is invaluable for residents of ANY COUNTRY. Being produced in Australia, this course is especially relevant for the Australian market – but whether you live in the US, UK, Europe, Asia or Australia, the content in this course will still be 100% relevant and useful!


A. The content of this course has been written by Darrianne Donnelly – a Model Agent – who has over 30 years of experience as both a Model and an Agent in Australia. The information has also been verified with several other model agents and current working models. It is presented and delivered by Dara Donnelly who has been working behind the scenes of an agency for nearly 10 years.


A. No. The Model Industry is a very specific industry, and because it relies mainly on aesthetics, not everyone can become a model. No Model Course should promise this! Our course will, however, ABSOLUTELY better your chances of being noticed by an agent. That, we really can guarantee!


A. No. While the information in this course has come from the agency director of one particular modelling agency, the material is for the benefit of anyone interested in breaking into the industry. This course does not specifically endorse or promote any agency, and this enables us to make the content relevant for everyone!


A. This course is 100% online, meaning that you can access the content anywhere, anytime on any device (it’s mobile and iPad friendly). Once you purchase the course you will have 12 months of unlimited access. We have high-capacity video servers that ensure you can seamlessly stream the videos in this course whenever you want.

This is the only money you’ll ever need to spend on getting your modelling career started.


12 Chapters, 49 Videos, over 4 hours of exclusive content

The Model Course comes with a 14 Day, 100% money back guarantee – so you’ve got total peace of mind.

I look forward to seeing you in the course and teaching you how to become a model!

If you want to be a model, then you should have the right to have a go! I fully believe in chasing your dreams – and sometimes it’s super helpful to get a head start.

I can’t wait to show you all the tips and tricks to becoming a model! You’re going to be great!


We have a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on the Diamond Access Purchase – If you’ve got any dramas, just contact us at and we’ll refund you in full!

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